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A1 Cleaning by Happe

A1 Cleaning by Happe Picture Box
Cleaning has a name in Willmar, Minnesota: Larry Happe. More precisely: A1 Cleaning by Happe. We deidicate ourselves to providing a clean and fresh environment in any residential and commercial venue. Whether you want to set up a contract with us or you are in need for an on-going service, we have the same high level engagement of immediate response throughout Kandiyohi, Meeker, Chippewa Counties and the surroundings. We will come quickly when a case of emergency requires fast intervention from us, but we also work on a regular schedule of control visits basis. Customers testify it is quite easy to benefit from our services. just call us: we are ready to come to you on a 24h basis. They also notice it is a real "no worry" service.

A1 Cleaning by Happe

401 Trott Ave SW #12 Willmar, Minnesota 56201



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